Corona-InfosInformation for our guests

Winter sports in the fresh air are fun and healthy. There is a natural minimum distance on the piste when you go sledding or tubing.

In queues and on the conveyor belt, please wear a mouth-and-nose protection and keep a minimum distance of 1.5 metres to people who are not part of your household. 

We appeal to the personal responsibility of our guests. Please inform yourself before the journey whether your region is a risk area and which regulations apply to you. We ask guests from risk areas to stay at home to protect themselves and others. 

Please understand that we do not accept any certificates that exempt you from wearing a mask. This is to protect all guests and staff. 



  • In the cabins we pay attention to the prescribed minimum distances of tables and seats and have equipped the rooms accordingly.
  • In the cabins there is a minimum distance of at least 1.5 metres to people who do not belong to your household.
  • In order to guarantee the safety distance, there is a limited number of guests allowed.
  • In the cabins and on the terraces you must wear a mouth and nose protection: when entering the restaurant up to the table, when queuing at the self-service counters and cash desks and when going to the sanitary facilities. The mouth and nose protection may be taken off at the table itself.
  • The tables are cleaned and disinfected after each guest visit. All areas where guest contact takes place (such as handrails, door handles and sanitary facilities) are cleaned and disinfected several times a day.


  • A minimum distance of 1.5 metres to persons who do not belong to your household applies in the rental shops.
  • In the rental itself and when queuing, a mouth and nose protection is mandatory.
  • In order to keep the minimum distance, the number of people who can stay in the rental rooms is limited.
  • A mouth and nose protection must be worn on the rental premises and in the sanitary facilities.
  • The sledges will be disinfected upon return and before handing them over.

We provide our guests with disinfectants. Wherever possible, they are separated from the guests by a window. All areas with guest contact such as tables, counters, sanitary facilities, cash desks etc. are disinfected several times a day.